4-H Club Meeting Resources


4-H Clubs are the foundation for successful club programming. Having the necessary resources can and will help the 4-H Agent and Club Leader work together in achieving club program success. The following 4-H publications and resources were developed to support the organization of 4-H clubs:

Selecting a Name for a 4-H Club (PDF)

Sample 4-H Club By-Laws (PDF)

4-H Club Meetings (PDF)

4-H Club Planning Workbook (PDF)

4-H Club Program Planning Guide (PDF)

Design Your Own Clover (PDF)

Florida 4-H Officers' Handbook (PDF)

Florida 4-H Secretary's Book (PDF)

Florida 4-H Treasurer's Book (PDF)

Animal Science Resources:

4-H Horse Certificate (PDF)

4-H Horse and Pony Lease Form (PDF)

Cattle Showmanship 101: How to Prepare for Show Successes



For more information about 4-H in Duval County,  call: (904) 255-7450 or email the 4-H Office.