4-H Record Books and Awards

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Clover Awards| Project Record Books| Permanent Records

Clover Achievement Awards 

An awards system that recognizes all 4-Hers who participate for their achievements!

Downloadable Guidelines:

Cloverbud Guidelines (PDF)

Junior Guidelines (PDF)

Intermediate Guidelines (PDF)

Senior Guidelines (PDF)

Guidelines for All Levels (PDF)

Project Record Books

The 4-H Project Record Book is a great way to document your project work. 

The Five Parts of a Record Book:

1. The Project Report

2. The Project Workbook

3. The Project Story

4. Project Photos

5. Miscellaneous Supportive Documents

Project Record Book Fact Sheet

4-H Project Reports*

Cloverbud Project Report

Junior Project Report

Intermediate Project Report

Senior Project Report

Permanent Records*
4-H Cloverbud Permanent Record
4-H Member Permanent Record
4-H Member Permanent Record (MSWord)

Record Book Evaluation Sheet

*Reading and printing these record books requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

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