Bed Bug Information for                     Tenants/Renters & Landlords


Who Pays for Treatments?

There are three important steps if you think you have bed bugs and live in an apartment, but aren't sure who pays for treatments.

  1. Check your lease agreement to see if you signed a Bed Bug Addendum or Waiver.  Depending on the language, will depend on who is responsible for paying for bed bugs in the rental space.
  2. Check the Florida Landlord-Tenant Law, Chapter 83, Part II - Florida Statutes.  This law states that in Florida (unless the renter signed an agreement), the landlord, in most cases, is responsible for removing pests from the property including bed bugs. Section 83.51(2)(a) F.S.;  Summary Brochure (English); Summary Brochure (Spanish)
  3. Seek legal council.  We provide education and not legal council.  If you are unsure of your situation it is best to find a lawyer that can direct you. 



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