Students learn how life develops by observing the eggs in their incubator. They observe and record scientific information as they follow the development of the embryo. This project lasts about chicken eggone month, with students caring for the chicks for a brief period after hatching. An incubator, brooder, and fertile eggs will be provided at no charge.  The teacher may be required, with assistance from the agent, to appropriately disperse the chicks. This project will only be done once a year in a school, on a first come basis while supplies last. If multiple classes within a school wish to incubate eggs, teachers will need to coordinate their schedules.  There are no new classes available for the rest of this school year.  Stay tuned to this site for dates for the 2009-10 school year.

Mailbox Poultry

This home study program was developed to teach kids to prepare and care for thier new chicks.  The information in the publications is also a good resource for educators.                             

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Embryology Video Gallery

These clips were taken from the 200809 school hatches, enjoy!

The following files are large and may take between 10-20 minutes to download using a dial up connection.

Embryology Photo Gallery

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4H school enrichment

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