Fresh Start

Looking for ways to improve your financial health?
Need a Fresh Start at a Credit Union or Bank?

Attend a FRESH START workshop!

You will learn:
How to develop your spending and saving plan
How to choose and manage a bank or credit union account
How to keep your account records

This program is in cooperation with the UF|IFAS Duval Extension and Real Sense Prosperity.

Click here for a Fresh Start Flyer

Step 1. Register for the next upcoming class. You can do so by:


Bring exact change ($25) or a Money Order to:

1010 N. McDuff Ave Jacksonville, FL 32254

Only on Monday thru Thurs.

10:00am-12:00pm or 2:00pm –4:00 pm


Use a debit/credit card (an additional processing fee is required) and go to:

Step 2. Make sure you have a Notice of Adverse Action from the bank that referred you or order your free Consumer Disclosure report online at:

Click here for step by step instructions

Step 3. Bring the documentation from step 2 to your selected class being held at:

1010 N. McDuff Ave Jacksonville, FL 32254

Step 4. Successfully complete the workshop.  Certificate earned is good for 2 months from date of issued to be eligible to open a bank account.

See participating banks and credit unions.  Note: in some cases, participants may be required to address old account issues.

For questions contact Ashley F. at 904-255-7450 or

 Educational Partner & Program Coordinator

Duval County Extension Financial Stability Programs

1010 N. McDuff Ave. (Map)

Jacksonville, FL 32254

904-255-7450 or

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Financial Stability Programs
(904) 255-7450
1010 N. McDuff Ave.
Jacksonville, FL 32254