ID Cardholder Technician Training 2012


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Frequently Asked Questions

What time does it begin and end?
The class begins at noon and goes until 4 pm. 


I have been with my company longer than a year and only need 2 hours of technician training. Can I leave early?
Yes, the class is designed so if you need to leave at 2 hours you can. It is still $10.00.


How do I know if I need 2 hours or 4?
If you are new technician with your company, you have 6 months to complete 4 hours of CORE training. Once you have been with your company longer than 1 year then you only need 2 hours of training.


Are CEUs provided?
Yes, normally 4 hours of CORE CEUs are provided.


Who should attend this class?
While this class is called the ID Cardholder class it is open to anyone interested in pesticide safety.  It is a good class for someone who will be taking the CORE exam, needs CORE CEU hours, or wants more safety training.  This is generally a hands-on class.

For additional information, please call us at (904) 255-7450.