UF - Jacksonville Bed Bug Task Force

The UF - Jacksonville Bed Bug Task Force is comprised of local stakeholders in the Jacksonville area.  Our mission is to provide education about bed bug identification, prevention, and control.   Learn more about the Task Force. 



Task Force members include individuals from:

  • Duval County Public Schools
  • Duval County Health Department
  • Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
  • Florida Pest Management Association
  • Local citizens
  • University of Florida/ IFAS - Department of Entomology Faculty
  • University of Florida/ IFAS Extension Faculty
  • ElderSource
  • City of Jacksonville


Projects & Education

Since 2011, we have worked with many different groups in Jacksonville and provided training throughout the Southeast US.  Some of our projects include:

  • Bed Bugs and Book Bags Youth Enrichment Curriculum for 3rd-5th gradersView the Curriculum. 
    • This curriculum is approved for use in Duval County Public Schools and has been used in schools as far away as Alaska and Saudi Arabia.
    Educator Training - 28 minute video about bed bugs. Used by professionals worldwide.  View the Training.
  • Bed Bugs and Book Bags for 6th-8th Graders.  Coming Soon!
  • Work with local Shelters & Missions in Jacksonville.  The task force has helped Trinity Resuce Mission reduce their number of bed bugs to almost zero through integrated pest management and in-take protocols.
  • Health Fairs & Community Events - We provide education about bed bugs and an interactive display.  Please contact the extension office if you are interested in having a volunteer comet o your local health fair.



For more information abou the Jacksonville Bed Bug Task Force, please contact Erin Harlow at 904-255-7450 or erine@coj.net.


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For additional information, please call us at (904) 255-7450.