Tip 4

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Money Tip #4

Did you know that your everyday spending decisions and habits have a greater impact on your long-term financial well-being than all of your investment decisions combined? Take care of the pennies, nickels, and dimes. They turn into dollars! Here are a few simple ideas:

  • Is it worthwhile spending more on expensive shampoo? According to hair care expert Paula Begoun, author of Don’t Go Shopping for Hair-Care Products without Me, spending more on shampoo is a waste of money. She says the inexpensive products in your local discount store do the same job. Plus, Begoun says the shampoo that is supposed to prevent your color from fading works in the lab, but not so well in real life and is no better than regular shampoo.

  • Start a new tradition. Plan one night each week as a leftover night or soup (made from leftovers) night.

  • Paper napkins aren’t very expensive, but you can save some money (and have less trash) if each person in your family has their own colored cloth napkin. Have a couple for each person and just toss them in the wash and reuse.

    (from Inspired Savings by Syble Solomon)

For more information on how to implement the America Saves theme – Set a Goal. Make a Plan. Save Automatically, view Three Keys to Successful Saving workshop at https://student.gototraining. com/878nx/recording/2850716232426441216

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