Right-of-Way Herbicide Training

and Exam Preparation

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We must receive payment prior to the class date.


Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I take the exam after the class?

    Yes.  The right-of-way and CORE exam is available immediately after class.  If you want to register to take a computer-based exam beginning at 2:15 pm you must
    register online prior to the class. Instructions for registration can be found at our
    website at http://duval.ifas.ufl.edu/PesticideTesting2012.shtml. Paper tests will also be provided if you prefer the traditional format.

Does it cost anything to take the exam?

    No it does not cost anything to take the exam. Once you pass both the CORE and the RIght-of-Way then you pay. It is $100 for public (government) and $250.00 for commercial licenses.


I already have another FL pesticide license, do I have to take the CORE exam again?

    If you have a pest control operators license or a restricted-use pesticide license then you do not need to take the CORE exam again.


    Can I find out my score?

    Scores are posted approximately 3-5 weeks after the testing date. To check your score visit the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services website.



For additional information, please call us at (904) 255-7450.