Starting a New 4-H Club

We are always happy to have volunteers who are willing to step-up and start new clubs!  If this is something that you are interested in, see below for club requirements and guidelines for how to go through this process.

Club Requirements

Florida has established criteria for enrolling as an official 4-H Club. Clubs must be charted through a request to the local Extension Office, meeting the minimum criteria and a signature request for a charter. Official enrollment as a 4-H Club / receipt of a 4-H Club Charter gives the club the authority to use the 4-H name and emblem. Examples of what is necessary for official enrollment are as follows:

• The local club has five members (from at least   two families) with completed enrollments.
• The club is organized with youth officers/leadership roles.
• There are one or more appointed and trained club leaders.
• An initial meeting place is secured for at least several consecutive months.
• An official non-discriminatory club name is chosen.
• Club rules, which may be in the form of by-laws, are established.
• At least six or more regular meetings plus project meetings are scheduled.
• A written educational plan for the club program and activities is presented to the county 4-H office (draft is okay).

Becoming a Club Leader

1. Come and meet us!  A great place to come and see what 4-H is about is at our Duval County At Large 4-H Club meeting. This meeting is for prospective or new 4-Hers to learn what 4-H is all about! As a prospective club leader, you can see how a normal meeting runs and what is expected of you as a 4-H volunteer.  If this meeting time does not work for you contact us for an appointment.

2. Background Check: Child protection is very important to the Duval County 4-H Program.  We require that all club leaders undergo a background check.  If you decide that being a 4-H Club Leader is for you, contact the 4-H Office to set-up a background screening.

3. Club Charter:  The club charter is a document that outlines the conditions under which the club is organized. Download and compete this form:

New Club Charter (PDF)

You may complete this form by using the Typewriter function in Adobe Acrobat Reader and email them to the 4-H Office, or print them and fill them out by hand.

All forms are due to the 4-H Office by October 15th!!

For more information about 4-H in Duval County,  call: (904) 255-7450 or email the 4-H Office.