Home and Community Educators

What is a Home and Community Education Club?

A Professional Organization of Homemakers!

It's main aim and objectives are to train women and men to be wise, astute consumers and home managers so as to manage wisely and prudently their resources and create a home environment of comfort, peace and enjoyment, and a home that is conducive  to wholesome family living.

It trains women and men to be leaders in their club groups and in their communities.

It trains women and men in the art of bringing men, women and children together for the purpose of developing a vitalized community.

It keeps individuals in touch with the latest developments in family and consumer sciences living.

It brings about better understanding of people and their cultures in other states and in other lands by the study of international relations.

The Aim of Home and Community Educators

"To Have Every Home ---
Economically Sound
Mechanically Convenient
Physically Healthful
Morally Wholesome
Mentally Stimulating
Artistically Satisfying
Socially Responsible
Spiritually Inspired
Founded upon mutual affection and respect."

Clubs are available in the following areas of Jacksonville:

Arlington, Wesconnett, Mandarin, and Whiteway.

If you have any questions about the clubs please contact Stephanie Toelle at 904-255-7450 or Email

The Florida Association for Home and Community Education website contains more information about HCE; including the Handbook, membership registration, and scholarship guidelines.

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